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A product, a terroir, a history...

In Morocco, the work required to obtain local products, such as argan oil, saffron,... is almost exclusively female. Traditionally, women had to ensure the education of children and take care of the household, while being dependent on the income of their spouses.

The development of the creation of women's cooperatives in the last few years has enabled rural women to gain financial independence, perpetuating the traditions of the terroir, despite the precarious living conditions of the rural environment. The grouping of these women in cooperatives allows them to weave a social canvas that allows them to develop projects that benefit them on a daily basis and thus improve the quality of life of the entire community.

To promote these projects, and help these women come out of the shadows, we create with these cooperatives, thanks to you, and with you, a human relationship before being commercial: together, we study the needs of these populations, and we all work hand in hand, in order to fulfill them, while engaging them in order to allow them to keep their autonomy.

Welcome to this adventure...