As a guarantee of quality and sustainable commitment, AD COOP offers you natural products that meet various international requirements in terms of organic production, fair trade, and biodiversity.

AD COOP offers natural raw materials, certified ORGANIC by ECOCERT, one of the most widespread certifying bodies in the world.

Organic Agriculture is a production method that finds its originality in the use of farming practices that respect natural balances. It excludes the use of pesticides, chemical or soluble fertilizers, GMOs and limits the use of inputs. Thus it preserves the soil, the plant and the animal.

AD COOP offers natural, COSMOS-certified raw materials.

The COSMOS standard is a harmonized standard held by the international association COSMOS-standard AISBL.

Five founding members are at the origin of this standard: BDIH, Cosmebio, Ecocert ICEA, and Soil Association. It was developed to harmonize the various European private standards relating to ecological and/or organic cosmetics.

AD COOP offers a Fair trade certified argan oil.

Fair for life certification guarantees more equitable trading conditions for disadvantaged producers in southern countries.

These conditions give them the means to fight poverty by themselves, to strengthen their position, and to take charge of their own future, so that they become increasingly autonomous from the market, respecting economic, environmental, and social criteria. 

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AD  COOP proposes an argan oil certified IGP (Protected Geographical Indication).

The IGP Argane is a collective label that guarantees the authenticity, origin, and traceability of Argan oil, as a unique product, strongly tied to the Amazigh culture and the argan grove.

This label also certifies that the benefits of the production chain go to the producers belonging to the argan tree territory. 


AD COOP offers an edible argan oil, without phthalates, produced in a cooperative headquartered in a SLOW FOOD convivium.

The SLOW FOOD foundation defends the food biodiversity and gastronomic traditions of the whole world, to encourage a sustainable agriculture, respectful of the environment, the cultural identity of the people, and the animal welfare.

Argan oil has been a SLOW FOOD sentinel since 2001, in order to give it the right value it deserves and thus preserve its cultural and taste characteristics.